Skillshare Online Courses

Now that Adobe Fresco has introduced motion into its app features, it seemed only fitting that I create a new fun Skillshare course called, Creating Animated Gifs in Adobe Fresco where you can learn all about the ease of making animations with simple to use powerful frame by frame, and/or drawing motion paths tools. Plus, you can do all this is in the free version! It’s brilliant fun and makes the creation of animated gifs a whole lot easier for sharing on e.g. social media etc.

My remix Skillshare course is one I’m really passionate about as I’ve been making historical and fun little animated gifs for a while now, using digital archive copyright free images!

Entitled, Remix Free Cultural Heritage Images Into Animated Gifs Using Photoshop, Procreate and After Effects it shows how you too can use copyright free images, found on public domain digitised art collections websites, to make short and funny animated gifs like these demoed below:

My second Skillshare online learning course, is one which I’ve titled, Make Fun Sliced Up Monster Character Animated Gifs With Affinity Designer and The Free Wick Editor

The class shows how you can create a range of monster characters in the brilliant illustration iPad app, Affinity Designer, then slice them up into separate heads, bodies and legs parts and with a bit of simple Javascript code in free games and animation browser based tool, The Wick Editor, turn your character into a great looking animated gif, which randomises the mix of your monster character parts every time you create a new one. Enjoy!

Check out my Assembly and Procreate Skillshare course out as I had great fun creating and producing my first online course for Skillshare, who host thousands of engaging and interesting courses students can learn from for a small subscription annual fee. My course introduces students to two powerful mobile apps, Assembly and Procreate.

The classes shows them how to create a simple skull design in Assembly from its basic set of library shapes. Then having created their design students are encouraged to import it into Procreate, which they can then use to animate it into a fun looking animation, suitable for sharing on social media platforms like Twitter, or Instagram!