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Monster Hangman

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Monster Hangman App Logo

Here’s an example of a Doctor Who monster themed iPad and iPhone mobile app hangman game I’ve created.

Download it for free on the Apple App store

It’s also available to download for free on the Google Play Store and Amazon Marketplace for Android smartphones, tablets and Kindles. I’ll be updating these versions soon!

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iPad demo of my Doctor Who themed Monster Hangman app game

In this game of Monster Hangman the aim is to avoid getting exterminated by a Dalek, while saving The Pumpkin Man from The scary Hangman’s Noose in the process.

Monster Hangman app Daleks!

To do this simply guess the letters of a Doctor Who monster and you’ll win the game, destroying the Dalek and saving The Pumpkin Man from his undeserved deadly fate!!

The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who took place on 23rd November 2013 and now with even more monsters in the new series this will test your knowledge of them, both old and new in a fun way, plus it’s made by a fan for other fans to enjoy.